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When buying, selling or insuring a car, it’s a good idea to have it inspected. In fact, if you’re bringing a vehicle into the province or your car has been in an accident, a safety inspection is mandatory. All Out Auto Repair in Lloydminster is the home of the 76$ safety inspection, and we do a lot of them. If you have questions about this service, you’ll probably find the answers right here.

Q. Do I have to have a car safety inspection?

A. The Alberta Vehicle Inspection Program was created to ensure all cars on our province’s roads are in safe working condition and not stolen or made from stolen parts. As such, all cars imported from outside Alberta and cars that have previously been involved in accidents (called salvage vehicles) must be inspected before being allowed on the road.

Q. Are there other instances during which I may want an auto inspection?

A. Most insurance companies in Alberta won’t insure cars that are over 12 years old without a safety inspection. It’s also a good idea to have an inspection done on any used car you wish to purchase, regardless of its age. An inspection will assure you that the car you’re purchasing is safe and not stolen. Likewise, if you’re selling a used car, you might want to have it inspected before putting it on the market. This will show prospective buyers that the vehicle is safe to drive and in good shape.

Q. What does the safety inspection entail?

A. Nearly all vehicle components are checked during an inspection. This includes:

  • Electrical systems

  • Brakes

  • Engine controls

  • Horn

  • Windshield wipers

  • Mirrors

  • Steering system

  • Seat belts

  • Tires and wheel assembly

  • Lights

  • Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)

  • Window tinting

Salvage vehicle inspection involves checking the same components, as well as a structural integrity component.

Q. What happens if my car fails the inspection?

Vehicles that fail the safety inspection have 10 days to make the necessary repairs. If the repairs are done within that time, you will only need to have the repairs inspected. If you wait more than 10 days, you will be responsible for the cost of another full inspection.

Lloydminster’s Best Choice for Safety Inspections

Come see us if you’re registering a car purchased outside of the province, getting your damaged car back on the road or just looking at buying a used car. We’ll do your safety inspection and have you cruising the Lloydminster streets before you know it. Call us to make an appointment or book online.


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