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AC tune-up

Reliable Tune-Up Services in Lloydminster

A vehicle tune-up is a preventative measure taken to ensure it continues to perform well. If you are planning to take your car for the tune-up in Lloydminster, choose All Out Auto Repair. We have a team of professionals to cater to your needs.


We are glad to offer other services such as diesel repair and transmission repair . For further information, speak to us.

Importance of Tune-Up

A timely tune-up helps to extend the lifespan of your vehicle, improves your fuel economy and prevents major repairs. Here are some reasons to get your automobile for a tune-up:

 Reduce the Chance of Breakdowns

A tune-up helps your vehicle to stay in a better condition and you don’t have to worry about highway breakdowns. Your car can breakdown due to a lot of reasons such as a flat tyre. But with the regular tune-up and maintenance, the chances are quite slim.

 Cost-Efficient Measure

A regular tune-up may cost you less than major repair in the long run.

 Detect Minor Problems

During a tune-up, minor problems can be determined and solved which can otherwise turn into a serious problem in the long run.

Tune-Up Procedure

Here are some parts that are checked during a tune-up session:

• New Filters for the Engine

A filter keeps the contaminated particles from reaching the vital components in your engine. A clean filter enhances the performance and efficiency of your vehicle. Some of the filters present in your automobile include:


 Engine Air Filter

It filters the air going into the engine. A clogged air filter can reduce its power output.

 Cabin Air Filter

Automobiles are equipped with this type of filter to keep the air clean inside the vehicle. A dirty cabin air filter restricts the airflow into the vehicle, thus compromising the HVAC system.


• Replace the Ignition System Parts

Components such as spark plugs, coils and plug wires are a part of the ignition system which ignites the air and fuel mixture in the combustion chamber. You must replace these parts before they wear out completely.


• New Belts and Hoses

Over time, belts and hoses may get damaged due to heat and cold temperatures with constant use. As a result, they glaze over and turn brittle.


• Check the Fluids

Fluids like engine oil, brake fluid and power steering fluid are necessary to run your vehicle. Contaminated fluids lead to excessive wear on internal components. Maintaining your vehicle by using the right fluids can extend the lifespan of these parts.

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