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Get Tips on Vehicle Maintenance, Repairs & More

Get tips and advice on your vehicle’s maintenance, repairs, and more from All Out Auto Repair. We frequently update our blog with new information that can help you get the most out of your automotive investment. Be sure to check back on this blog to see what’s new. If you have any questions, please contact All Out Auto Repair in Lloydminster.

  • A mechanic working on the brake pad of a vehicle.
    29/04/2022 0 Comments
    How to Not Get Scammed by a Mechanic

    Up charging and offering additional services have long been ways to make a quick buck by shady mechanic shops. Each day more and more people find it difficult to find trustworthy and reliable mechanics who have your best interests at heart. If you want to make sure you are not dealing with a shady mechanic when you need repairs, keep reading below on how not to get tricked!


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  • Wheel of a car
    26/08/2021 0 Comments
    How to Recognize When You Should Replace Your Brakes

    Over 100,000 people were injured in motor vehicle accidents back in 2018. When many people think about what causes accidents, they usually think about drivers not paying attention or speeding through traffic. But did you know your brakes could contribute to the problem?

    When you aren't familiar with the signs you need to replace your brakes, it affects everyone's safety on the road. If you want to learn what they are and how often you should replace them, keep reading.


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  • A man inspecting the engine of a vehicle
    19/08/2021 0 Comments
    5 Steps to Proper Diesel Engine Maintenance

    There are many benefits to owning a diesel vehicle, but once you do, it's vital that you take good care of your engine. If you don't do proper maintenance, your engine could get damaged, put you in danger, or stop working before its time.

    Take good care of the engine, and your vehicle will last for many years to come. 

    Are you wondering how to maintain a diesel engine properly? Read on to learn five great tips for diesel engine maintenance.

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  • car exhaust
    12/08/2021 0 Comments
    Best Ways to Maintain Your Car Exhaust

    Maintaining your car exhaust doesn't have to be exhausting. That tailpipe (or two) is necessary to keep your car running in top shape. It may not be pretty, but it has to be there.


    If you don't keep it clean and high-functioning, your car could be damaged. There are certain steps you can take to maintain your exhaust. Continue reading to learn more.


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  • Man work underneath the vehicle
    12/08/2021 0 Comments
    4 Signs Your Car Needs Suspension Repair

    Your suspension system is what keeps your car connected to the road, stabilizes the drive, and helps prevent rollover accidents. Problems with the suspension are common. However, that doesn't mean you should ignore them. 

    Keep reading to learn about 4 of the most common signs your car needs suspension repair. 


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  • 22/06/2020 0 Comments
    All You Need to Know About Engine Tune-Up

    An engine tune-up is needed to maintain the optimum standard intended for a car at the time of manufacturing. With time the vehicle industry has seen great improvement, which has reduced the need for tune ups. However, engine tune ups are necessary to maintain the power and increase the efficiency of your vehicle. All Out Auto Repair has been in the auto repair business for the past 25 years. Our services include car safety inspection, brake repair, wheel alignment, diesel repair, tune-ups and salvage vehicle inspections.

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  • 22/06/2020 0 Comments
    Why Is Wheel Alignment so Important

    Regular maintenance goes a long way in your vehicle to operate efficiently. Wheel alignment plays an important part in your vehicle's performance and longevity. Your vehicle’s wheels can become misaligned due to poor road conditions, sudden impact from hitting something or a minor accident. The alignment depends on the vehicle type, so it’s best to follow the vehicle manufacturer’s recommendations. If you notice your vehicle pulling to one side, show it to a professional auto repair technician. Count on All Out Auto Repair for reliable wheel alignment services in Lloydminster. We have been your trusted auto repair services provider in Lloydminster, for services such as car safety inspection, brake repairs and diesel repairs since 1997.

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  • Transmission Repair
    08/11/2019 0 Comments
    10 Vehicle Transmission Maintenance Tips

    When you purchase a car, you will be responsible for the vehicle and its maintenance. For a trouble-free and long-lasting vehicle, regular maintenance is essential. Though maintenance services may be expensive and time-consuming, you should consider it an investment. This will pay you in the long run by avoiding costly repairs and assuring a good resale value for your car. At All Out Auto Repair, you can choose from a wide range of auto parts and transmission repair services.

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  • winterizing car
    08/11/2019 0 Comments
    5 Steps for Winterizing Your Car

    As fall descends, winterizing your car should be among your top priorities. Freezing temperatures are hard on your vehicle, and icy roads and falling snow make driving that much more hazardous. To protect your car’s components and to stay safe at the wheel during the winter season, make sure you do these five maintenance tasks.

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  • 15/02/2019 0 Comments
    Car Maintenance Tips

    Today’s new automobiles, regardless of the make and model, are becoming increasingly challenging with newer technologies finding their way into impacting our driving experience.

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  • 15/02/2019 0 Comments
    Car Problems in Lloydminster- Get Repairs for Transmission Problems That You Shouldn’t Avoid!

    Albertan’s need and love their vehicles. When something goes wrong with our vehicles it’s stressful, especially if you don’t know what to look for in the first place.

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  • 15/02/2019 0 Comments
    6 Ways to Make Your Brakes Last Longer

    Your brakes are one of the most important systems on your car and have a huge role to play in keeping you safe on the road. You should know, however, that they do wear with age and use, and will eventually need to be replaced. Nevertheless, if you take care when you drive, you can make your brakes last a long time.

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  • 15/02/2019 0 Comments
    Answers To All of Your Car Safety Inspection Questions

    When buying, selling or insuring a car, it’s a good idea to have it inspected. In fact, if you’re bringing a vehicle into the province or your car has been in an accident, a safety inspection is mandatory. All Out Auto Repair in Lloydminster is the home of the 76$ safety inspection, and we do a lot of them. If you have questions about this service, you’ll probably find the answers right here.

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