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Brake replacement

Reliable Brake Service and Repair in Lloydminster

Squealing – Some cars are equipped with brake pad sensors. When the pad wears down, this sensor touches the brake rotor, producing a squealing sound.The stop-and-go experience during your daily commute or while running errands takes a toll on your car’s brakes, so it’s important to be aware of changes in performance. If you notice a grinding noise or high-pitched squealing coming from your brakes, be sure to visit All Out Auto Repair. We offer a comprehensive brake inspection, and if your brake system is worn or damaged, take advantage of our expert brake repair and replacement service in Lloydminster. We offer a wide range of parts and facilities like wheel alignment and diesel repair . Get in touch  with us now!


What Causes Damage to the Brakes?

In addition to daily driving, other factors can also wreak havoc on your brake system. Road salt is effective when it comes to controlling ice during the winter months, but it can also corrode brake lines and contaminate the brake fluid. If you notice a change in your vehicle’s stopping power, have your brakes inspected right away. You can’t afford to take faulty brakes casually because it plays a crucial role in your and your car’s safety. 

Brake Services in Lloydminster

Some of our brake repair services we offer in Lloydminster include:

Brake system inspection and evaluation

Brake adjustments

Brake fluid testing and replacement

Brake pad replacement

Caliper repair and replacement

Drum reconditioning and replacement

Rotor reconditioning and replacement

Wheel bearing repair and replacement

Wheel cylinder repair and replacement

Don't take chances with your vehicle or your passengers' safety. Contact All Out Auto Repair today to schedule an appointment for a brakes inspection.



How often should I get my brakes checked?

It is important to have your brakes checked often. Most riders get them tested when they have their tires rotated.


What are brake pads?
They are steel backing plates with friction material, bound to the surface facing the disk brake rotor.


When should I replace brake pads?
You will know it’s time to replace them if you hear:

  • Squealing – Some cars are equipped with brake pad sensors. When the pad wears down, this sensor touches the brake rotor, producing a squealing sound.
  • Squeaking – This sound indicates your brake pads have experienced excessive water and tear.

What is a rotor?
It is present at the heart of the braking system. The brake pads are attached to each rotor, creating friction needed to bring your vehicle to a halt.


What is brake fluid?

It is key to the proper functioning of the brake system. By pressing the pedal, pressure is created in your brake lines, sending this fluid to each caliper. It then activates your brake pads which create friction to stop your car.

Why Choose Us?

All Out Auto Repair has been serving the clients for over 25 years now with the sheer motto of your safety. Whenever you bring your vehicle to us, we check it thoroughly for any and every problem related to brakes. The safety and satisfaction of our customer is our top priority. We deal with each automobile with utmost care and undivided attention. Our wide clientele is testimony to our high-quality services.


Contact Us

Are you facing issues with faulty brakes? Call All Out Auto Repair and we will reach out to help you with brake repair and brake replacement in Lloydminster. We are well-known for our quality customer service and top-notch workmanship.

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All Out Auto Repair’s brake repair and brake replacement services in Lloydminster have got you covered.

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