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Car Safety Inspections in Lloydminster

In an effort to protect drivers by removing unsafe vehicles from the road and reduce collisions, the Alberta Transportation commission requires that all vehicles be inspected to enforce safety standards and identify problems that could cause vehicle failure.

All Out Auto Repair conducts emissions and car safety inspections in Lloydminster to ensure that your vehicle is maintained for safe operation.

Out-of-Province & Salvage Inspections

Some vehicles that have been involved in an accident are designated as “salvage” by the insurer, which means they can be repaired or rebuilt. Any motor vehicle that was last registered in another jurisdiction or declared salvage by an insurance company must undergo an inspection from an authorized agent after repairs are completed and before the vehicle can be re-registered to operate on Alberta roads.

All Out Auto Repair is a certified inspection facility for Alberta vehicles. Contact us today to schedule a safety inspection for your car.

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If your brake system is not working, we can help.

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