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Salvage vechile inspection

Comprehensive Salvage Vehicle Inspection in Lloydminster

The “salvage” title is given to a vehicle when it has been in an accident and the total damage exceeds the value of the car. The insurance company declares the vehicle economically unfeasible to repair and a total loss. The motor company then issues a salvage certificate stating the car or truck cannot be driven, sold or registered in its current condition. If you are planning to purchase such a vehicle, reach out to us for salvage vehicle inspection in Lloydminster. All Out Auto Repair has a team of professionals to carry out this job effectively.


We also offer other services such as brake repair and wheel alignment .

Importance of Salvage Vehicle Inspection

A salvaged vehicle must undergo an inspection by a licensed company. If the vehicle passes the inspection, it is given a “rebuilt” rating on the registration form. With this rating, the vehicle can be re-registered and driven on the roads.


Documents Needed for a Salvage Vehicle Inspection

During the inspection of your salvage car or truck, you must present your vehicle documents such as:

A completed salvaged motor vehicle inspection form and the owner’s affidavit.

Ownership papers with the Salvage Title receipt

Insurance appraisal report

Salvage Vehicle Inspection Procedure

All Out Auto Repair has an auto inspection team to check your salvaged vehicle. The basic inspection procedure includes the following steps:

The customer must have a “Request for Inspection” form obtained by any Alberta registry.

The customer must also provide a copy of government-issued identification and four pictures of the vehicle before the repair.

The customer must also fill out a rebuilt vehicle work plan which contains the damage done to the vehicle, the repairs that were made and the source of the parts used to repair the automobile.

The inspection team will then check your vehicle thoroughly.

Once the repairs are done, the customer must get the vehicle to the workshop. If all the repairs are verified on the first attempt, a Salvage Certificate is issued. The customer must take this certificate to the registry within 14 days and submit it to change the vehicle’s status to “rebuilt”.

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If you are looking for a salvage vehicle inspection company in Lloydminster, choose All Out Auto Repair. For more information, give us a call today .

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