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Auto Repair Questions Answered by All Out Auto Repair

At All Out Auto Repair, our mechanics want you to feel confident in the condition of your car. Below are a few of questions we hear the most at our shop. If you still have questions about your vehicle and potential repairs, please call our repair shop in Lloydminster.

 Do I get a warranty with my auto repairs? 

Yes, All Out Auto Repair offers a one year (or 20,000 km, whichever comes first) warranty on parts and labour.

 What should I do if my check engine light comes on? 

The check engine line indicates that more emissions are coming out than should. To avoid any more damage to the car, you should take it into us right away to have the problem addressed.

 How often should my oil be changed? 

For the majority of vehicles, the oil should be changed every three months or 5,000 km. It just depends on which comes first. However, some vehicles might not fit that timeframe – call the shop and we’ll let you know when you need to bring in your vehicle for an oil change.

 Do I have to go to my dealer if I want to keep my warranty? 

No, All Out Auto Repair provides your vehicle with warranty-approved work. We can answer any and all questions about what repairs are covered under your warranty.

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