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Car AC Services in Lloydminster

In Lloydminster, our summer months are generally short but warm and humid. If you are spending your precious summertime sweating, hot, and miserable during your commute, you may need car AC service from Lloydminster’s All Out Auto Repair. Car AC systems rely on three main components: the compressor, the condenser, and the evaporator. If your car AC is blowing hot air, not blowing air into your car’s cabin at all, or smelling strange, like chemicals and antifreeze, as it comes through the vents of your vehicle, chances are high you need to give Lloydminster’s All Out Auto Repair a call!

Cars with air conditioning are a modern day luxury and AC systems within our vehicles are rather complex and complicated. Contrary to popular belief, a car’s AC system does not just blow cold air into your car. The AC system is designed to remove the hot air in the cabin of your car by expelling it outside of your car. Because of these complexities, AC systems require a mechanic’s skill set to troubleshoot. Some of the common reasons your car AC system may be faltering are:

Your AC needs a recharge

Your AC compressor is not engaging properly

Your AC fan has stopped working

You have a freon leak

Your blend air door may be stuck

When your car’s AC system is not working properly, these are some of the easier fixes but to find the root cause, there is a decent amount of diagnostics, troubleshooting, and fine-tuning involved. The friendly, knowledgeable, and experienced mechanics at All Out Auto Repair have the capability and the know-how to find the problem with your car’s AC system and get you the car AC services you need in Lloydminster. Don’t waste another summer day sweating in your car; give All Out Auto Repair a call today!

3 AC Tips and Tricks before You Need Car AC Repair in Lloydminster

There are ways to care for your car’s hardworking AC system that allow it to last longer. If you drive around blasting your AC without a second thought, give these AC tips a try before you’re left in the lurch:

  1. Make sure your AC system is set on recycle as opposed to the option that pulls in air from outside. This will keep the cabin of your car cooler because the AC system does not have to work as hard to cool recycled air as opposed to the hot, humid, and muggy outside air. 
  2. Give your car’s AC system a chance to run at least once a week all year round. This only requires about a ten-minute commitment but it allows your AC system to maintain its gas pressure to keep your compressor functioning efficiently. 
  3. When you get within a couple of minutes of your destination, turn your AC off. Giving your AC system a chance to shut down before you park for an extended period of time will reduce condensation and puddles under your car. Without this moisture, mold, bacteria, and mildew are less likely to develop. This tip is especially important for older models of cars.

It is also important to have regular maintenance on your AC to ensure its efficiency and longevity. Come in or call All Out Auto Repair for recharging or other car AC services.

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