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grinding gears lloydminster

A grinding sensation is the last thing we want to feel from our trusty vehicle. Their inner workings might be something of a mystery to us, but we all know what strange noises and vibrations mean, and it's not good. One thing's for sure, the longer they're allowed to continue, the worse the damage is going to get.

If you're concerned and want to get your grinding gears Lloydminster attended to professionally or would like to learn about some helpful preventative maintenance, this article's for you.

The Causes of Grinding Gears

Understanding why your gears are suddenly protesting every time you shift is the first step toward fixing the issue. There are a few potential causes, and some are easier to fix than others.

The most common issue is simply a worn-out clutch. When the clutch starts to wear out, it doesn't disengage as far as it needs to, causing the dreaded grinding noise each time you use it. This is a fairly simple fix and your trusted local garage will be able to swap your old clutch out for a new one in no time.

Other common causes include issues with the transmission itself, such as damaged synchronizers and gears wearing down over time and misalignment or damage of the gearshift linkage itself.

Preventative Measures

The forces our automatic and manual transmission systems have to endure are considerable. If they're not looked after they begin to degrade and wear out much quicker than they would do otherwise. A main cause of premature wear is forgetting to check on transmission fluid.

Transmission fluid is important as it lubricates all the moving parts within the gearbox as well as the contact points where the force generated by the engine is transmitted. Without adequate transmission fluid, the gears on the output shaft will quickly wear down under increased stress and heat. Fortunately, changing your old transmission fluid or simply making sure it's topped up is a lot cheaper than replacing parts damaged by its absence.

Gear lubricant is of vital importance to maintaining the reliability of your vehicle. Checking the owner's manual for the manufacturer's recommended service intervals is good practice if you're unsure what may need to be done and when. There's a lot of important information in here, and when followed, their recommendations will keep things running smoothly for years to come.

Finally, make sure you're shifting appropriately. Sometimes grinding sounds are simply due to improper handling of the vehicle and adjusting your input timing is enough for a smooth ride. This might be a little embarrassing to realize, but it's a cheap fix.

Grinding Gears in Lloydminster

Whatever the cause of your vehicle's distress, All-out Auto Repair has you covered. If you're experiencing grinding gears in Lloydminster, we've been providing trusted auto repairs and inspection services since 1997. If you're looking for a top-notch family-owned service you can rely upon, look no further.

If you're not convinced, don't take our word for it. Check out our testimonial page and see what our customers think for yourself!


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