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A man inspecting the engine of a vehicle

There are many benefits to owning a diesel vehicle, but once you do, it's vital that you take good care of your engine. If you don't do proper maintenance, your engine could get damaged, put you in danger, or stop working before its time.

Take good care of the engine, and your vehicle will last for many years to come. 

Are you wondering how to maintain a diesel engine properly? Read on to learn five great tips for diesel engine maintenance.

1. Change Your Oil and Fuel Filter Regularly

A standard car maintenance tip is to change your oil on time. This is especially important for vehicles with diesel engines because the motors run at a higher heat than other cars. 

When evaluating your vehicle's oil life, keep in mind that how often you drive the car and the conditions you drive it in will have an impact. Always follow the recommended timeline for your oil change intervals.  

Diesel fuel filters also need to be changed regularly at the right intervals to keep your engine running smoothly. 


2. Use the Right Fuels and Additives 

There are two main fuels used for diesel vehicles: USDL and biodiesel. Either one is a fine choice, but regardless of which you pick, you'll need to incorporate a diesel fuel additive. 

Diesel fuel additives are essential for keeping your engine running at full capacity, but not just any will do.

Make sure you choose an additive that demulsifies water. Diesel vehicles come with a fuel and water separator, but a good additive will make the process more efficient. 

Another bonus of using a fuel additive is that it will prevent your fuel from gelling in the cold winter months. 


3. Keeping Up With Coolant

It's very important to have a healthy amount of coolant in your vehicle to help prevent your engine from overheating. This is especially the case with diesel engines that run extra hot. Driving without coolant can damage your vehicle in a number of ways. 

When adding coolant to your car, make sure that you never mix two different coolants together. Mixing different chemicals that weren't intended to be combined can cause severe damage. 


4. Keep Your Engine Tidy

When you think of cleaning your car, you probably don't think about your engine, but it should be cleaned too.

A dirty engine makes it harder to identify current or upcoming problems. A clean engine will improve the lifespan of your parts. 

Consult your owner's manual before taking to clean the engine yourself.


5. Replace Your Air Filter

Your fuel filter isn't the only filter that needs to get changed. Your air filter is what protects your engine from the bugs, water, pollen, dirt, road salt, and other external items that can make their way into your car.

Check it regularly and always replace it when needed. 


Schedule Regular Maintenance Service

Practicing proper diesel engine maintenance is critical. It will ensure your engine lasts as long as possible, and it will also help guarantee your safety for every trip.

Be sure to follow the five maintenance tips in this article to reap the benefits. 

If you own a diesel vehicle, be sure to check out our shop for reliable diesel engine repair services in Lloydminster.


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