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Transmission Repair Services in Lloydminster

When your transmission goes out, identifying the exact cause should be left to our professionals. Since 1997, All Out Auto Repair has been providing transmission repair services in Lloydminster. We specialize in transmission diagnosis and repairs for all makes and models. Your vehicle's transmission will be thoroughly assessed to ensure that we offer a solution fit for your situation to reduce downtime. As one of the most trusted auto repair technicians in Lloydminster, you can count on us for quality workmanship and efficient auto repairs service. Call us to get a quote for a new transmission.


While transmission problems and breakdowns often come as an unpleasant surprise, there are a few signs warning signs you should be watching for:

Falling out of gear while shifting

Leaking transmission fluid under your car

Unusual noises like buzzing and humming

Grinding between gears

Rough shifting and slipping between gears while driving

Rough shifting and slipping between gears while driving

If you are experiencing any of these warning signs, contact us to repair your transmission. All Out Auto Repair proudly serves the needs of customers in Lloydminster. We provide accurate diagnosis to ensure that we can keep your costs to a minimum and repair your vehicle’s transmission with a quick turnaround time.

Transmission Repair Process

Our transmission repair process starts with an initial consultation, where our professionals listen to all your concerns about the vehicle. Following this initial consultation, your vehicle will be tested by our experienced and professional mechanics. We deploy state-of-the-art diagnostic technologies to offer timely transmission repair services. We can run a computer analysis on your car to try and locate the transmission problem your car is experiencing. Through this, we can troubleshoot a variety of issues and provide quick solutions. Our experienced mechanics will also conduct a manual inspection to look for problems.

After we’ve located the problem with your transmission, we will discuss the transmission repair options with you. One of our primary goals is to ensure that you feel comfortable and knowledgeable about the repairs being performed on your car. Following this discussion, we will get to work on repairing your transmission.

Types of Transmission Controls

The car you drive can be almost a part of your identity. The transmission plays a crucial role in the reliability and performance of your vehicle. There are several kinds of transmissions including:

Manual transmissions: This type of transmission uses a clutch to connect to the engine.

Fully automatic transmissions: Fully automatic transmission has a control system that is operated with hydraulics through the vehicle’s computer.

Continuously variable transmissions (CVT): This type of transmission depends on a metal or rubber belt and pulleys to function.

Semi-automatic transmissions: This type of transmission, also known by other names such as automatic manual and clutchless manual, has processors, pneumatics, sensors and actuators that shift the gears.


At All Out Auto Repair, our team can repair all types of transmission for all makes and models of vehicles. Our skilled technicians have years of hands-on experience in the automobile repair industry. Give us a call for transmission repair today.  We’d love to serve you! We also provide air conditioning repair, suspension repairdiesel engine repairs and more.

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Broken AC System?

If your car AC is blowing hot air, call us to have it repaired.

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