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Regular maintenance goes a long way in your vehicle to operate efficiently. Wheel alignment plays an important part in your vehicle's performance and longevity. Your vehicle’s wheels can become misaligned due to poor road conditions, sudden impact from hitting something or a minor accident. The alignment depends on the vehicle type, so it’s best to follow the vehicle manufacturer’s recommendations. If you notice your vehicle pulling to one side, show it to a professional auto repair technician. Count on All Out Auto Repair for reliable wheel alignment services in Lloydminster. We have been your trusted auto repair services provider in Lloydminster, for services such as car safety inspection, brake repairs and diesel repairs since 1997.

Importance of Wheel Alignment

Wheel alignment is necessary to avoid early wear and tear of the tires, brakes, suspension and potential driving hazards. They also tend to have greater resistance against the road leading to poor fuel economy. You might even notice a vibration in the steering wheel due to uneven tread of tires. Additionally, your vehicle will be less stable, which will be troublesome in an emergency. For proper wheel alignment, understand the terms caster, camber and toe:


·       Caster

Caster is the angle of the steering axis measured in degrees when viewed from the side of your vehicle. The caster angle helps with stability and balancing. The steering axis needs to be adjusted if it tilts towards the driver (positive caster) or tilts towards the front of the vehicle (negative caster).


·       Camber

When viewed from the front of the vehicle, inward (negative camber) or outward tilt (positive camber) of the front tires is known as camber. Improper alignment of camber can lead to your wheel being misaligned. Worn out bearings and ball joints contribute to camber misalignment.


·       Toe

Toe alignment is measured to the extent with which the tires turn inward or outward. While aligning your wheels, both toe-in alignment and toe-out alignment are adjusted. Poor toe alignment can lead to tires being feathered with one side being sharp and another smooth.


All three casters, camber and toe, should be within the specifications of your vehicle. Generally, new tires installed don't need an alignment. Though an alignment will make sure all the four tires are angled correctly with each other.


Warning Signs of Wheel Misalignment


Get your car checked by a trusted technician if you notice:

Squealing tires

Vehicle pulling to one side on a straight road

Loose steering

Vibrating steering wheel when the vehicle is in motion

Uneven wearing of tires


Regular maintenance of your vehicle is the key to a comfortable ride. It's recommended to get a wheel alignment every year. If you drive on poor road conditions, you might need wheel alignment more often. Review your owner’s manual to understand what’s best for your vehicle. If you are unsure about the wheel alignment, show your vehicle to a trusted technician. All Out Auto Repair provides wheel alignment that meets your vehicle’s specifications. We also provide general repairs, light truck repairs, air conditioning services and struts repairs.


Contact us today for wheel alignment services in Lloydminster today!



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