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An engine tune-up is needed to maintain the optimum standard intended for a car at the time of manufacturing. With time the vehicle industry has seen great improvement, which has reduced the need for tune ups. However, engine tune ups are necessary to maintain the power and increase the efficiency of your vehicle. All Out Auto Repair has been in the auto repair business for the past 25 years. Our services include car safety inspection, brake repair, wheel alignment, diesel repair, tune-ups and salvage vehicle inspections.

When should you get your vehicle tuned up?


Read the manual to know the ideal time to take your vehicle for a tune-up. A tune-up starts with checking the performance of the battery and the engine’s condition. The other steps involved in a tune up are:

·       Checking the voltage of the battery

·       Look out for leaking exhaust valves, bad cam and worn rings

·       Scanning the fault codes for elimination

·       Inspecting the ideal speed

·       Testing the ignition timing to detect sensor problems


What you need to look out for?

·       Belts and hoses will be examined to make sure that they’re fully functional

·       If there is sludge in oil that’s a bad sign and should be addressed immediately

·       The coolant needs to have the right balance of antifreeze instead of being filled with rust

·       The brake fluid shouldn’t have any muck

·       Get long life spark plugs so that you don’t have to change them often


The maintenance procedures vary for every vehicle, depending on the age, mileage and model. Contact All-Out Auto Repair for your vehicle’s engine tune-up today!


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