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Your brakes are one of the most important systems on your car and have a huge role to play in keeping you safe on the road. You should know, however, that they do wear with age and use, and will eventually need to be replaced. Nevertheless, if you take care when you drive, you can make your brakes last a long time.

How to Extend the Life of Your Brakes

To make sure your brakes last as long as possible, follow these six tips:

1. Slow down. The faster your car is going, the harder your brakes work to stop. Even going 15 to 20 kilometres an hour slower will give your brakes a reprieve. Not only will your brakes last longer, but you’ll also save money on gas.

2. Travel light. The heavier your car is, the more force your brakes have to exert in order to stop. We’re not saying you shouldn’t use your car to transport things, but don’t use the truck as extra storage space for your hockey bag or golf clubs.

3. Learn to coast. Before you make a stop, take your foot off the gas and let the car slow down on its own before applying the brakes. As mentioned above, stopping from a slower speed is easier on your brakes.

4. Be aware. Leave lots of room between your car and the one in front of you, and look far enough ahead of you to always know what to expect. This will help you know if there’s a red light coming up or if the cars in front of you are braking for no reason.

5. Memorize your route. If you’re like many of us, you drive the same route almost every day. Take note of the spots where drivers slow down unnecessarily, like curves in the road or the top of a hill, and adjust your driving so you don’t need to use your brakes.

6. Get your brakes serviced regularly. Book a brake service at our Lloydminster garage once a year, or as soon as possible if your brakes start squeaking or screeching when you use them.

A garage you can trust

If you need any type of auto repair or maintenance, including brake inspection or service, trust All Out Auto Repair. We’ve been providing the people of Lloydminster trustworthy service for over 20 years. Call us today for an appointment, or book online.


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