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winterizing car

As fall descends, winterizing your car should be among your top priorities. Freezing temperatures are hard on your vehicle, and icy roads and falling snow make driving that much more hazardous. To protect your car’s components and to stay safe at the wheel during the winter season, make sure you do these five maintenance tasks.

Get an oil change

Your engine requires a thinner, less viscous oil during winter. This is because engine oil thickens in freezing temperatures. Check your owner’s manual to find out which grade of oil is recommended for your car and climate, or rely on the advice of an experienced mechanic.

Switch out your fluids

If your coolant and windshield wiper fluid aren’t all-season, you’ll need to replace them too. Standard coolant and wiper fluid can freeze in cold weather. If you aren’t replacing your fluids, you’ll still want to check the levels and top them up if necessary.

Inspect your battery

A car battery’s cranking power is as much as halved during winter. Make sure yours is in good shape so that you don’t end up stranded in frigid weather. If it’s three years old or older, have it checked by a mechanic to ensure that it has enough juice. And if it’s five years old or older, consider replacing it.

Change your tires

Alberta Transportation recommends that all vehicles be equipped with winter or all-weather tires during the winter months. Of the two, only winter tires have tread patterns and rubber compounds designed to adhere to icy roads. And if your tires are used, remember to check the tread depth.

Also, make sure to check your tire pressure. It’s important that all four tires, and your spare tire, are at the manufacturer’s recommended pressure at the beginning of the winter season, as cold weather causes the pressure in tires to drop.

Check your wiper blades

Having effective windshield wipers is crucial for maintaining visibility during the winter. If yours show signs of cracking or stiffness, switch them out for a new pair. Or consider upgrading to blades designed especially for winter conditions. Note that windshield wipers generally need to be replaced annually.

Automotive services in Lloydminster

Trust the experienced team of mechanics at All Out Auto Repair to get your car ready for winter. For over two decades, we’ve been helping drivers in Lloydminster stay safe on the roads during our snowy winters. If you have a question for our mechanics, or if you’d like to book an appointment, contact us today.


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